Fancy Stylish Water in Restaurants

I only drink water and coffee.  I don’t fancy juices, smoothies, syrups, ice-blended or any other flavored drinks.  I am a faithful and loyal friend of plain ice water.  I have a complicated relationship with coffee though.. There were times when I couldn’t live without it but there were also times that I totally avoided it. 

I notice that my relationship with ice water has saved me a lot of money when I dine out, except of course when I go to places where the restaurants “FORCED” me to buy San Pallegrino or Evian because they don’t serve plain water.  I really hate those restaurants because to me, most bottled mineral water taste the same.  I don’t find additional pleasure drinking San Pallegrino compared to drinking Eu Claire or Bleu or Spritzer.  They all taste pretty much the same but I have to pay RM10 extra for a bottle of San Pallegrino.

Trying to be an environmentally friendly foodie, I prefer to buy local products unless the locals don’t produce it like cheeses, pastas, sauces, etc.  So I got double pissed when I am FORCED to buy and drink imported bottled mineral water.  What’s wrong with serving our mineral water?

My only explanation was those restaurants feel their prestige was at stake when serving ugly looking local bottled mineral water. I have to admit, the San Pallegrino bottles are pretty sexy.  And of course, this is another way for restaurant to get higher margin.

In Indonesia, most of restaurants serve local mineral water.  The most popular brand is Aqua. Although the normal Aqua bottle looks better its peers in Malaysia, Aqua also has “designer designed” bottles served in fine restaurants.  The clever manufacturer collaborated with local fashion designer and came out with sexy sleek version of Aqua.

Let me show you..

Another high-end brand of Indonesian mineral water is Equil. It comes with both still and sparkling version.

If any of you knows the bottlers or manufacturers of our local mineral water, please tell them to consider on redesigning their bottles.  They need some make overs to take the stage of our fine dining restaurants.  It’s about time the restaurants notice our fine water.

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